1 RED FLAGS 1.1 Shallow ModuleA shallow module is one whose interface is complicated relative to the functionality it provides. Shallow modules don’t help much in the battle against complexity, because the benefit they provide (not having to learn about how they work internally) is negated by the cost of learning and using their interfaces. Small modules tend to be shallow. 1.2 Information LeakageInformation leakage occurs

Paxos Note

0.1 Symbols And Structure 表决 $B$ 1 2 3 4 5 6 struct Ballot { dec: Decree, // 表决的内容 vot: Set<Node>, // 表决投票通过的节点 qrm: Set<Node>, // 表决参与的节点 bal: u64, // 表决编号 } A ballot is said to be successful, if every quorum member voted. In math: $$ B_{qrm}